Grow the human first. Leadership follows.

Syncing Tools

in(ner)sync Academy focuses on the inner growth of the human as the basis for true leadership. We cover topics ranging from self-regulation and awareness, resilience to new paradigms of leadership. We also partner up for retreats with our trusted experts for those interested in deep personal transformation. 


InSync-Inside Seminars  focus on you as an individual. Topics are self-leadership and self-exploration and being in contact with others. 

Leading Yourself

Learn various tools to develop self-awareness
and self-regulation.

Being in contact

Create awareness about your internal patterns when relating to others and communicate effectively about your inner processes. 


InSync-Team webinars focus on you and your interaction with the team. Topics include leading virtually, dealing with conflicts, trauma-informed leadership, team resilience and a new paradigm of leadership. 

Leading virtually

Learn how to be present in the virtual space
and lead engaging meetings. 

Grow through conflict

How to use conflicts for deeper self-realization
and more effective leadership.

Trauma-informed leadership

Learn about how trauma can manifest in the workplace and how to respond to it effectively as a leader. 

Resilient Team

Learn how to systematically create a resilient team culture using the most essential tool for self-regulation available at every moment: the breath. 

The leader as a healer

Learn about a new paradigm of leadership. 


InSync-Retreat co-operates with our experts to facilitate change for those interested in deep personal transformation. 

Zen Meditation

Learn Zen Meditation: The Basics from the internationally renowned Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim. 

Light and Shadow

Deep self-exploration through

holotropic breathwork,

meditation in the style of Zen, and

circle work.

Loving Kindness

Metta-Retreat to cultivate mindfulness and (self-) compassion.