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Resilient Team

Content of the program

This 6-modules online course is designed to help you and your team to reduce stress through breath awareness – for a resilient organizational and team culture and better meetings. 

Breathing is the fastest and most direct way for self-regulation. It is available to us in every single moment.  

Conscious breathing has been scientifically proven to make an effective contribution to stress and burnout prevention. 

Teams / organizations that systematically integrate short breathing rituals into their culture, especially in meetings, continually nudge short relaxation processes among their employees in their daily work – for a resilient organizational culture. 

Scientifically proven, conscious breathing has the following positive effects, among others:

  • Breathing, heartbeat and blood circulation are synchronized.
  • The parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation part of the nervous system) is strengthened.
  • The respiratory function is improved.
  • Heartbeat variability is increased.
  • Night sleep is improved.
  • Helps with high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias
  • Short relaxations during the day become possible and deepened.
  • Balance and serenity in everyday life are enhanced. 

In this 6-part webinar, you and your team will learn in a concrete and practical way: 

  • How to relax with the help of your breathing within only 5 to 10 minutes.
  • How to use your breathing to relax, focus or activate yourself. 
  • How to use your breathing to become more present –  for more connection with yourself, your needs and your impulses in meetings. 
  • How to facilitate a short breathing sequence at the beginning of a meeting to focus the group’s attention. 
  • How to use the symbolic power of breathing together for better meetings.  
  • Dates
    Further information upon request

    Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

    6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

    6-20 participants

    Private individuals: 950 EURO incl. VAT
    Organisations: 950 EURO plus VAT; discount possible when booking for at least 4 participants/organisation

    Please also contact us for discount in case of current economic problems due to the corona crisis!

    Marijan J. Bernardic
    Dr. Stefanie Becker