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Leading Virtually

Content of the WEBINAR

  • Challenges and opportunities of working virtually: Reflect the impact of virtual work on the individual and the team  and reflect on how you perceive your team’s virtual working space.
  • The “Purple Space”: Learn about the concept of a “Purple Space” for virtual work, i.e. the unique identity of a team working together virtually which is attractive for team members to engage in and where they feel virtually close to each other
  • Virtual closeness: Learn about the 5 systemic dimensions of virtual closeness for  high-performing virtual teams and reflect on where you need to take action to move your team to the next level. 
  • Running a good virtual meeting: Learn about the 5 success factors that you need to be aware of to facilitate a good virtual meeting
  • Hacks for virtual meetings: Learn about simple hacks that will immediately improve the quality of your virtual meetings
  • The virtual leader: Reflect on the specific role of a virtual leader in the overall picture of virtual work
  • Dates
    Further information upon request

    Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

    6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

    6-20 participants

    Private individuals: 950 EURO incl. VAT
    Organisations: 950 EURO plus VAT; discount possible when booking for at least 4 participants/organisation

    Please also contact us for discount in case of current economic problems due to the corona crisis!

    Dr.. Stefanie Becker