Grow the human first. Leadership follows.

Leading Yourself

Content of the program

  • Growth-Mindset v. Fixed Mindset: Learn about these two concepts and self-assess where you lean towards in different areas of your life.  

  • Values and intention: Connect with your values and what matters to you most in your life as a human being. What qualities do you wnat to cultivate in yourself? What is your intention? What do you want to create most in your life? 

  • COACH v. CRASH Process: Explore in which situations you experience yourself as centered, open, aware, connecting and holding versus feeling contracted, reactive, analysis-paralysis, separated and holding. Explore how to evoke a COACH process in yourself. 

  • Triggers: Identify triggers in your workplace or life and explore your habitual response to them. Explore new ways of responding to those triggers on a somatic level. 

  •  Vulnerability: Share in a safe space with others in which situations in your life / work you feel vulnerable. True leadership requires honesty with oneself and our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. By embracing our insecurities, we give ourselves permission to expand. We also become more authentic in our lives and leadership.
  • Learn practical techniques for increasing focus, grounding and centering yourself to become more present in your life. 

Further information upon request

Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

6-20 participants

Private individuals: 950 EURO incl. VAT
Organisations: 950 EURO plus VAT; discount possible when booking for at least 4 participants/organisation

Please also contact us for discount in case of current economic problems due to the corona crisis!


Dr. Stefanie Becker

Marijan J. Bernardic