Grow the human first. Leadership follows.

Grow through conflict

Content of the program

Learn about a new paradigm of conflict: 

  • The growth potential in conflict: Understand conflict as an opportunity for increased self-awareness, expanding self-compassion and compassion for others. Dealing with conflict is peace work that you undertake for the greater good. 

  • Neurobiology of conflict: Learn about the fight / flight / freeze mechanism that become activated in conflict and the impact in human interactions. Understand how deeply embodied our reaction to conflict is – which is why we cannot “think” our way out of conflict. 

  • Trauma: Learn about how conflict may trigger a trauma-response. Get a basic of understanding what trauma is and how it may manifest in a conflict. 

  • Needs: Learn about the deeper human needs that show up in conflict which make us feel vulnerable and threatened. Understand that it is first and foremost your own responsibility to take care of those needs. 

  • Psychology: Understand that our personal reaction to conflict is deeply influenced by our personal life story – how we learned to react to differences based on our life experiences. These experience shape us and may strongly influence  us – but there is also a possibility for change. 

  • Self-Compassion: Learn about the importance of self-compassion in conflict. A trigger response in conflict requires a loving and judgment-free attention to ourselves and our vulnerabilities. Only then can we meet the other. 

  • Self-Reflection: Understand your own typical reaction to conflict and take a first step to expand your personal repertoire. 

  • Tools for self-regulation in conflict:  Learn how to shift from a CRASH-Process into a COACH-Process in conflict. 

Further information upon request

Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

6-20 participants

Private individuals: 950 EURO incl. VAT
Organisations: 950 EURO plus VAT; discount possible when booking for at least 4 participants/organisation

Please also contact us for discount in case of current economic problems due to the corona crisis!

Marijan J. Bernardic

Dr. Miriam Nabinger 

Dr. Stefanie Becker