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Transformation of organization, culture & team

We facilitate.
You explore and find what is true for YOU.

Cultural & Organizational Change

Transformation from within.

in(ner)sync facilitates cultural and organizational change by helping the organization to find new perspectives and sense and see itself from a deeper place. From this deepened awareness, the organization can transform itself in alignment with its own purpose – to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

For cultural & organizational change, in(ner)sync works with the top leadership team. We combine our process expertise with your organizational knowledge to co-create the entire change process. Partner up with (in)ner sync in order to: 

  • Develop and implement a strong and energising vision and / or strategy supported by the people in your organization

  • (Re-)connect with your organizational purpose and values for more clarity and orientation and bring it alive in your organization’s everyday interactions

  • Agilise your structures and improve collaboration across functions/and or hierarchies for better value creation

  • Grow together as one company after a merger or a re-organization

  • Engage heads, hands and hearts of your employees in the desired change – right from the beginning.

When working on these challenges, it is easy to be carried away by all the countless to-dos of  change & project management, thereby losing contact with the deeper purpose. Then the whole change becomes soulless and empty. That is why we will frequently ask you to come back to the present moment, to be still and to sense what the transformation means for your personally. How do you experience the process viscerally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? What deeper sense and meaning do you find in what you are doing? The inner needs its own sacred space. First the inner, then the outer transformation. 

Teams Development

Unleash the power of your team.

Teams are the space where the power of collective intelligence can really be experienced in a very direct manner. It is fascinating how much wisdom, intelligence and information is present in each human, let alone in the space between two or more people. 

The intelligence of a team can, however, get blocked – be it for systemic reasons, such as an unclear vision or strategy, processes or roles & responsibilities or because of entangled emotional patterns. When a team feels stuck or  cannot access its full potential, it is time for a new perspective from outside. 

in(ner)sync supports teams in building a new infrastructure with each other. The  blocked intelligence becomes freed up and information can start flowing again. Day-to-day interaction becomes clearer in terms of roles and responsibilities, and challenges can be dealt with much more quickly and actively. A new team culture and a strong team community emerge.  The team can evolve to the next level of cooperation and contribution. 

Conflicts Mediation

Grow through conflict.

Conflicts are like a dead-end. We feel angry, anxious or frozen. Our bodies tense up, we even feel pain. We are forced to face our shadow side – our agression, but also our insecurities and vulnerabilites and our deeply human needs for wanting to be seen, respected and connected. It can feel like we are staring down a black hole with no hope of things ever getting better. Our creativity is shut-off and it is hard, if not impossible, to take wholesome actions. 

So much energy is activated in conflict. How can we transform this energy in a beneficial way? How do we hold differences and other perspectives in ourselves? How can we develop our skills of deep listening and compassion? How do we overcome our ego-centricity and orient towards the common good? Ultimately, conflicts are about finding a way to live with others in a harmonious and fruitful way. Resolving conflicts  is always  peace work. 

At in(ner)sync we help individuals and teams to grow through conflicts. We create a safe environment for addressing the concrete problems, by focussing on the resources of the individual and the group and by orienting towards shared goals and common purpose. Team members start listening to and communicating with each other in new ways, thereby finding new ways of togetherness. 

Online Facilitation

Closeness at a distance.

Working virtually has become the new normal in the pandemic. How can we experience closeness at a distance? How can we partner up with technology so that technology serves us and our needs? How do we engage in meaningful dialogue with each other in the virtual space? How do we discover common ground and direction and tackle challenges by being connected virtually?

At in(ner)sync we support you to make most of your virtual meetings, workshops and conferences. With our professional guidance and know-how about interactive online formats, you, your team and your organization will discover the possibilities for deep connection and value creation online. Be prepared to be surprised how much is possible in the virtual space. 


Grow the human first.
Leadership follows.

Grow the human first.

Leading from a place of power, ego, hierarchy is outdated and does not serve humanity. The new paradigm is surrendered and servant leadership. At in(ner)sync we put the INNER work of the leader first. 

No matter the organization or position you work in: You are a leader. You are leading yourself and others all the time. Maybe not formally within a hierarchy. But certainly as a human being. By being you – what do you bring to this world? 

Leadership is about intention. What are your values? What do you want to create? A powerful intention does not just serve you. It serves others. Becoming clear about your intention is very important.

Leadership is also about presence. Where does your presence open up a space for others to grow and connect more deeply to their true nature – and where not? You need to develop self-awareness to answer these questions. And you need honest and compassionate feedback from others. 

At in(ner)sync we help you to expand your self-awareness, to see your relational & emotional patters more clearly, to get to know and befriend your shadow side. To become more fully alive. And to bring your unique quality to the world. 

Leadership follows.​

You want someone to follow you? Serve them first. Understand them. Connect with their essence and help them to bring this alive. You cannot achieve this from a place of power or ego. In order to genuinely touch someone, you need to become present and vulnerable yourself. 

We at in(ner)sync are experts for developing future leadership skills. 

Leaders will learn about a this new paradigm of leadership and how to generate a field of growth and expansion where others will naturally want to contribute to. They will learn how to find sense and meaning in what they do and to lead from that place within. They will learn about the importance of systems-thinking and the ability to create spaces where different opinions and perspectives can be seen and sensed and transformed for a common direction. They will also expand their skills for genuine contact. 


Be still.
Then choose a better way.

A more conscious way of working

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. In the service of self-understanding and wisdom. 

Mindfulness brings a space between stimulus and reaction. A brief moment to observe, to sense, to breathe – and then to choose a reaction. Only through awareness can we step out of our habitual patterns – habitual thinking, habitual talking, habitual behaving, habitual feeling. In the process we become more free. 

Mindfulness@Work is about systematically creating a work environment where such brief moments of silence can happen. These are the doorways where a new way of ourselves, the team and the organization can start to take ground.

As experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioners with a business background, in(ner)sync experts advise and consult on the different ways and methods and frameworks to be mindful@work.