Grow the human first. Leadership follows.

Leader as a healer

Content of the program

Learn about a new paradigm of leadership: The leader as a healer. 

  • The crisis of Leadership in our times: Learn about symptoms of dysfunctional leadership and the caused by fragmentation of thinking and feeling. 

  • The difference between Doing and Being: Learn about the two different paradigms of Doing and Being and reflect how you balance of these modalities in your leadership. 

  • ME-Mind versus WE-Mind: The ME-mindset focuses on individual goals and objectives whilst the WE-mindset promotes teamwork, collaboration and a sense of community and will support common objectives, and build strong relationships based on trust and respect.

  • The power of intention: Learn about the power of intention and its profound impact on  leaders and their teams. 

  • Inner and outer healing: Understand why self-awareness and inner work is a requirement for creating a beneficial environment for others. 

  • How do I recognize a trauma-response in an employee?: Learn about the various indicators that suggest that a trauma-response may be operating in an employee.  

  • How do I respond as leader to Trauma?: Learn about the importance of safety and co-regulation when dealing with a trauma-related response in an employee. Learn effective short interventiones to help ground and center an employee and give safety. 

  • Mindfulnessness / Self-Awareness of my own triggers: Develop your own sensitivity for your own emotional triggers in the workplace that make it difficult for you to remain centered and present – and how to handle them better. 

  • Mindset / Self-Development / On-Going Learning: Understand that leading others is a continuous process of engaging with humans and life and adapt a mindset of always evolving in your own practice to remain present and centered. 

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Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

6-20 participants

Upon request.

Marijan J. Bernardic
Dr. Stefanie Becker