collective intelligence

The solution is already inside of you.

Why in(ner)sync?

As seasoned experts in the art of FACILITATION, the team at in(ner)sync supports optimised solution-finding in both CORPORATE and NON-PROFIT settings.

We inspire our trusted clients to SYNCHRONIZE – within themselves on all levels of body, mind and soul (“innersync”) and among each others (“in sync”). By shifting and deepening AWARENESS we support to develop better, more holistic solutions by tapping into the potential that already lies WITHIN. 

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the ART to create focus, structure and connectedness – for more engagement and impact. Live or virtually – but always in PRESENCE.

But more than anything, Facilitation is an attitude towards LIFE. And to what it means to be truly HUMAN.  


We support our  clients in the below three key areas to transform with purpose and meaning – for a positive impact in the world.  

Transformation of
organization, culture & teams


We faciliate transformation of organization, culture & teams. 



 Grow the human first.
Leadership follows. 



A conscious way of working. Be still. Then choose a better way. 


Learn future leadership skills and deepen presence for leading from within with the in(ner)sync Academy.