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Being in contact

Content of the program

“The spontaneous movement in all of us aims at contact.” Laurence Heller

Develop your inner capacity for true contact in this very experience-oriented workshop. No books, no talks, no theories will help you to develop your inner space of how to meet another human. You have to be willing to dive into the Unknown and meet yourself and the other there. 

  • What is it like to be truly ME in this moment?: Is it possible for me to relax into my being when meeting another person? 

  • What is alive in me right now?: Can I be in touch with my aliveliness in this moment? 

  • Being in silence: Is it possible for me to be truly present in silence with myself and another human being? How do I experience this silent space – from moment to moment? 

  • Deep Listening: What is deep listening? Can I make space in myself to let the other truly in? Or is my inner clouded by noise – noise of thinking, noise of emotions, noise of feelings? 

  • Don’t Know Mind: How do I experience the discomfort of not knowing what comes up next in me? Can I ease into this space? Can I keep a Beginner’s Mind when meeting the other – from moment to moment?  

  • Self-Reflection: What interactional patterns show up when I am in touch with another human? What judgments about myself and the other arise in me, how do I experience an opening or a contraction? What stories am I telling myself about who and how I am? And what imaginations do I form in my mind about how I am or the other is? 

  • Intention: What intention do I have going forward about how I want to relate with others in my life? What quality do I want to cultivate? How can I keep this intention alive? 

  • Dates
    Further information upon request

    Weekly live online trainings in Zoom

    6 modules à 2-3 hours over 6 weeks 

    6-20 participants

    Private individuals: 950 EURO incl. VAT
    Organisations: 950 EURO plus VAT; discount possible when booking for at least 4 participants/organisation

    Please also contact us for discount in case of current economic problems due to the corona crisis!


    Dr. Stefanie Becker            Marijan J. Bernardic