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Loving Kindness

Content of the program

A Meditation Retreat
in Noble Silence with
Claudia "Kusalanandi" Keller

Practicing together – each for him- or herself – for the benefit of all sentient beings.

“Just as a mother protects her only child with her own life, so should one develop boundless loving-kindness toward all sentient beings. Let benevolence and loving-kindness shine out to the whole world. Above, below, all around, boundless, without anger and without hostility.” (Excerpt from the Metta Sutta)

METTA , loving-kindness, is a heart quality inherent in our being. Kind, benevolent and compassionate towards ourselves and all sentient beings of this world, coupled and sustained by wisdom and serenity. With openness and loving respect, accepting others and other things as they are, METTA forms the breeding ground for connection and healing, in which it enables a fresh, non-judgmental perspective. METTA is also an antidote to anger, ill will and hostility, and helps to face life’s inner and outer challenges with more understanding. Practiced and cultivated, METTA makes the mind broad and all-encompassing, which gives new scale to our capacity for love and thus underlies the cause of greater inner peace and happiness.

Through traditional Buddhist meditation techniques as well as mantra chanting and dynamic heart chakra exercises from other traditions, we aim to (re)enliven this natural feeling of simple love that wants to flow unconditionally.

Suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Further information upon request

In Presence . 

3 Days.