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Light and Shadow

Content of the program

Deep self-exploration through holotropic breathwork, meditation in the style of Zen and circle work 


“”No organizational and team development without personal development.” in(ner)sync

In the course of team and organizational development processes, we frequently witness leaders, managers, and employees encountering personal limitations that stem from their conditioned personality patterns. These limitations may manifest as ineffective communication with their team or difficulty or rigidity in responding appropriately to challenges of their life situation. 

To address these issues, we offer individual coaching sessions to facilitate deeper self-awareness.

For clients seeking more profound transformation, we recommend our “Light and Shadow” seminar.

This seminar combines holotropic breathwork, Zen-style meditation, and circle work to provide a transformative experience.

For millennia, people have explored altered states of consciousness through various methods such as meditation or breathwork, seeking to gain insights into themselves or the world around them.

Clients typically book this seminar as private individuals seeking a safe and protected space for personal growth, separate from their organization and work responsibilities.

What is Holotropic Breathwork? Holotropic Breathwork™, a technique developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof, is a powerful tool for self-exploration through breathing in a group, accompanied by evocative music and guided by experienced facilitators.

By inducing altered states of consciousness, holotropic breathing can help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and healing power, facilitating personal transformation.

Clients who are interested in self-exploration through holotropic breathing have a variety of reasons for seeking this experience. These include:

  • Curiosity: Some clients are interested in exploring holotropic breathwork out of curiosity to discover their own potential in an altered state of consciousness, and to gain deeper insight into their personal growth and development. 
  • Presence: Holotropic breathing can facilitate presence in the moment, improving the ability to self-direct and self-regulate.
  • Aliveness: Breathing can enhance aliveness and connection to the world, deepening one’s capacity for self-direction and well-being.
  • Authentic self-expression: Holotropic breathing can lead to deep insights and realizations, enhancing authentic self-expression and allowing individuals to find their own voice.
  • Improved clarity: Holotropic breathing can clarify thoughts and priorities, improving decision-making and self-direction.
  • Increased empathy: Expanded awareness can improve empathy skills, leading to better interpersonal relationships and more effective self-direction.
  • Increased creativity: The expanded state of consciousness facilitated by holotropic breathing can enhance creativity and problem-solving ability.
  • Deep relaxation: Holotropic breathing can induce deep relaxation, allowing individuals to focus on inner experiences and rely on inner guidance.
  • Expanded awareness: Holotropic breathing can expand consciousness, leading to deep insights and realizations about oneself and life.
  • Relief from emotional blocks: Breathing can help release deep emotional blocks, enabling individuals to process life issues and move forward with greater freedom.
  • Confronting shadow sides: Holotropic breathing can help individuals face their shadow sides and confront aspects of themselves that are normally avoided or repressed.

As holotropic breathing is an intensive self-experience, we conduct a detailed consultation with each client prior to the experience to clarify expectations, health conditions, and any contraindications to ensure a safe experience.

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Dates in 2023
24. – 26.03.2023
07. – 09.07.2023
13. – 15.10.2023
08. – 10.12.2023

Format: Workshop

Location / Duration
Day 1, 7 p.m. until day 3, approx. 2 p.m.

10 to 12 persons.

Participation fee:
For corporate clients: On request
For private payers: EUR 320

Accommodation and meals:
Drinks (tea, water & coffee) and light snacks will be served between the breathing sessions.

Participants are responsible for other meals and accommodation. An appropriate recommendation list for accommodations will be sent upon request.


Marijan J. Bernardic
Dr. Stefanie Becker