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What is breathwork and what are the benefits?

Experience the transformative power of conscious breathwork in an exclusive small-group setting – no more than 8 participants! 

Conscious breathwork is an exciting journey into the Inner. We encourage our participants to encounter their experiences with a “Don’t Know Mind”, as taught in spiritual paths like Zen and Sufism. These traditions teach that these experiences should be observed without attachment or judgment, simply allowing them to arise and pass. This non-attachment helps practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of their inner landscape and to cultivate a sense of equanimity and acceptance.

Embedded in this understanding, conscious breathwork offers you the opportunity to:

  • embark on an inner journey,
  • reduce stress,
  • clear your thoughts,
  • release emotional blockages,
  • strengthen inner balance, and
  • unleash your creativity.
Ultimately, conscious breathwork is a wonderful tool to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your inner guidance and wisdom. 
“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”

What is the structure
of the breathwork session?

The breathwork session takes place from 6:45 PM to 09.30 PM.

Please arrive at 6:45 PM to settle in your breathwork space. 

We start with a short get-to-know at the beginning of the session and will then explain the principles of conscious breathwork to ensure everyone feels comfortable and prepared.

The actual breathwork session lasts between 60 and 70 minutes. Guided by music and the facilitators, each person goes on their own unique and personal journey within themselves. 

After the breathwork session, we will have a short break and thereafter come back together in a circle. You are invited to share your experience from the breathwork session. Of course, this is voluntary. The circle is a supportive space for open dialogue and integration.

The session officially concludes at 9:30 PM, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Join us for an evening of connection, relaxation, and transformation. We look forward to breathing with you!

Contraindications for breathwork: Breathwork is an intense experience and requires a healthy physical and mental state. Participation is discouraged under the following circumstances: cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, epilepsy, infectious disease, recent injury/surgical wound, psychosis, psychiatric diagnosis, glaucoma, pregnancy, chronic illness, osteoporosis, cancer, anemia.

To ensure the safety of the breathwork session, we will check with you beforehand regarding your mental and physical state. 

Your breathwork facilitators

Stefanie & Ramin

Stefanie Becker: GrofLegacyBreathwork (3rd Year of Training), Hypno-systemic Coaching, Buddhist psychology, ZEN

Ramin Abied: Certified breathwork therapist (“Naou Breathwork”) , Heart Meditation in the Sufi Tradition, Yin Yoga

Location // Dates // Contribution // Preparation // Sign-Up

Location: Praxis Impuls, Berger Strasse 265, 60385 Frankfurt / Main – about 7 minutes from the U-Bahn Bornheim-Mitte (U4). 

Dates in 2024: 

  • September: 12 // 26 
  • October: 10 // 19 (Tuesday!)
  • November: 7 // 21 // 
  • December: 5 // 19

Contribution: For experiencing breathwork in an exclusive small-group setting of maximum 8 people, the financial contribution is EUR 40 per evening. 


  • Please do not eat at least 1,5 hours before the session.
  • Please also do not consume any alcohol and other drugs on the day of the experience.
  • Please refrain from perfumes because these scents may trigger others.  

What to bring:

  • Please come in loose, comfortable clothing to allow for easy movement and relaxation. and warm socks.
  • You may also bring a blanket for added comfort during the session.
  • Additionally, bring something to write with and on, as you may want to jot down thoughts and reflections after the breathwork.
  • Also bring a bottle with water. (No other drinks than water are allowed in the room).

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