WaY of Working

Co-creating from the deeper awareness


In our work we cultivate with our clients an open, agile and human mind-set – which will serve you far beyond our co-operation. 


We don’t work FOR our clients – we work WITH our clients. That’s why we will sit in a CIRCLE with you. We are the experts for the PROCESS: we support you, your team and your organization to connect more deeply with the creativity and wisdom INSIDE. You, your team, your organization are the experts for the SOLUTION: You identify the unique SOLUTION that fits YOU. 


People will change when it makes SENSE for them. That is why we strive to involve the relevant stakeholders affected by a challenge in a suitable manner as early as possible – for higher levels of engagement for lasting change. 

Time & Space

Change sometimes happens instantly – when a perspective suddenly shifts in a meaningful way or hidden truth suddently becomes apparent in a meaningful manner. More often, change requires, first, a deepler exploration of the challenge with all senses and then, second, – once the suitable goal is identified -, the active cultivation of an attitude and systematically directing energy towards the desired results. 

Don't-Know Mind

To bring something NEW into the world, it is VERY important to be willing to DON’T KNOW.  We cultivate the Zen “Beginner`s Mind – an open, curious and non-judgmental attitude based in the present moment to explore the future as it emerges. 

Mindfulness & Self-Reflection​

Change yourself first before you ask others to change. We emphasize self-reflection and mindfulness in our work right from the beginning. Together we will find out what you truly want and how you might be standing in your own way of success. 


In order to access the deeper intelligence within us, we need to connect also to our bodies – not only our minds. Real change is EMBODIED – we don’t just think about what is right, but we also FEEL what we need to do. In our work we will often  invite our clients ot come back to their bodies – and use this incredible resource for the desired change. 


Grow with the Wheel of Awareness

Develop your team and organization in an agile approach.

1. Clarify​

We will explore and clarify our client's challenge - sitting in a CIRCLE and involving the relevant STAKEHOLDERS as early as suitable. ​

2. Design

Based on our shared hypothesis what the team’s or organization’s evolution may need, we align on a change archicture. We will agree on an “Experiment” which the team or the organization will undertake within the next couple weeks.

3. Experiment​

Together we dive into the experiment - in(ner)sync provides guidance and reflection in this process.

4. Reflect ​

We will continuously reflect on the process - what is not working & what is working and should be continued?

5. Implement​

Experiments that bring benefit to the organization will be implemented on a permanent basis.