The power of the circle

Dr. Miriam Nabinger


  • Conflict mediation and -resolution
  • Psychological advice and coaching
  • Depth-psychologically bases hypnosis (H.I.T.T.)
  • More than 10 years of experience as dispute resolution lawyer in an international law firm and a DAX30 company


Miriam is a mediator, psychological advisor, and personal coach. She works, inter alia, with H.I.I.T., a depth-psychologically based hypnosis method, as a coach in professional and personal matters and as facilitator for group processes, cognitively and somatically.

Miriam has a strong and at the same time playful and thoughtful presence. She strongly believes in a holistic approach and that all three levels – mind, body, and soul – must be considered to understand a human being. She loves to accompany individuals and groups into and through their processes. 

Miriam has attended numerous seminars, retreats and coachings as participant and guided herself – from somatic work and breathwork to meditation and yoga. Miriam is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and guides and supports individuals and groups in their work with different states of relationships.

In the „other life“, she is director for dispute resolution in a MDAX company. Miriam is familiar with inner and interpersonal conflicts and committed to preventing and properly and sustainably resolving them.

Miriam is passionate about helping people finding their true essence and bringing them closer to who they really are and doing so, she combines an empathic attitude with a psychological-scientific approach. She is interested in everything related to the individual and collective consciousness.