The power of the circle

The deepest in us strives for connection."
Marijan J. Bernardic

Marijan j. Bernardic


  • Holistic team and organizational development
  • Leadership: personality development, stress and crisis management
  • Conflict: mediation with conflict parties (employees, teams, executives)
  • Mindfulness: development of mindfulness programs for more focus, concentration, resilience; train the trainer
  • Coaching / Supervision: embodiment-oriented accompaniment of individuals and teams in transformation processes and in crises


With a background in psychology and educational science, Marijan has long-standing experience of working in the field of systemic human resources and organizational development. He has also worked in various psychosocial institutions and a psychiatric university clinic and is thus intimately familiar with the full scope of human experience. He works in his own practice for personal development, psychotherapy (HPP), coaching and supervision with individuals, families and groups as well as leading and facilitating seminars and workshops.

Educated and certified in Integrative Gestalt Therapy, Ericksonian and Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Systemic Family Therapy, Systemic Constellation Work, Group Dynamics (DGGO) and in various body and trauma therapies (Neo-Reichian Bodywork, Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor®, Somatic Experience®, NARM™, EMDR) as well as deep relaxation methods and transpersonal approaches such as Holotropic Breathwork™, he is integratively oriented.

In his work, he is particularly interested in the design, use, exploration and integration of altered and non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as set and setting to facilitate transformative development and change processes in group and individual work.

Marijan is currently a board member of the MIND Members Association and on the Augmented Psychotherapy Training team as an instructor for breath and bodywork.

Clients appreciate Marijan for his strong presence and his ability to create deep, meaningful spaces where the members of a group feel safe to share with each other what truly matters to them and to find new ways with each other. He is also a skilled expert to work with individuals in crisis or with escalated conflicts. 

Marijan is fluent in German, English and Croatian.